Transfer iPhone Music to iPad

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPad in 1 Click

As we know, iPhone and iPad are portable music player. When you get both, you may like to sync songs between them. But many people are worried about how to find the direct way to make it. Don't worry. Here is a one-click data transfer tool coming for your help. It's named Phone to Phone Transfer. It gives you an effective way to sync iPhone songs to iPad just in one click, and vice versa. It's totally risk-free and it never erase any data on your iPhone or iPad.

Not only transfer data between iPhone, iPad and iPod, Phone to Phone transfer can transfer contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos and apps to computer, or transfer between phone to phone or to Android, Symbian and iOS.

Now, you can download this data transfer tool on your PC.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

How to Sync music from iPhone to iPad

Now, let’s see the guide on syncing music from iPhone to iPad step by step. Download and install this data transfer tool on your PC. Then, let's get started!

Step 1: Run this one-click data transfer tool on your PC

To begin with, run this tool on your PC. After that, you get the primary window.

Note: Phone to Phone Transfer supports syncing music between many iPhones and iPads.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone and iPad to the PC

Connect both of your iPhone and iPad to the PC via USB cables. Phone to Phone Transfer will immediately detect the two devices. Then, you'll see your iPhone shows up on the left, and iPad on the right. Between the two devices is "Flip". You can change the places of the two devices by clicking “Flip” button.

Note: Under your iPad is "Clear data before copy." Tick off it when you want to remove all music from your iPad to save the synced iPhone music. If you don't have such a need, please let it alone.

Step 3 Sync iPhone songs to iPad

By default, photos, contacts and music are checked. Thus, you should uncheck contacts and videos. Then, click "Start Copy" button. This data transfer tool begins to sync music. Please make sure that your iPhone and iPad are connected all the time. After the sync, click "OK".

Well done! All songs on your iPhone has been synced to your iPad. It's so quick and convenient. Apart from syncing iPhone music to iPad, you also can sync iPhone songs to iPod. Now, you can download Phone to Phone Transfer to have a try!

Note: Besides Phone to Phone Transfer, you can also try iPhone/iPad/iPod Manage (Windows). This program is specially designed to manage the data of your iPhone, iPad and iPod. it also empowers you to sync music from iPhone to iPad easily.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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