Eraser All Contents and Settings on an iPhone

How to Eraser All Contents and Settings on iPhone

There are just times when we want to erase all contents and settings on iPhone. For example, on occasions when your iPhone is lagging due to piled up files, when you are going to sell your iPhone or give it away for certain reasons. But note that the deletion function on iPhone doesn’t actually work to erase that data. It simply deletes the path directing to that file, and releasing your writable space. Thus, you will need a specialized tool to erase data. Here we are going to use iPhone Data Eraser.

iPhone Data Eraser gives you two deleting options, three security level of deletion, which will fully serve your demand on data erasion. Click by click, then data will be gone for good, returning you a fresh iPhone. Data deleted in such way cannot be recovered by any software-based recovery tool, or by, if not all, most hardware-based recovery methods. And it works on jailbreak iPhone and locked iPhone too.

Download a Free Trial version from below and install it for a practice.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Tutorial: How to Eraser All Contents and Settings on an iPhone

A backup in advance is suggested in case of any second thought, since the process isn’t reversible.

Step 1: Run iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPhone to computer

Run the tool and connect your iPhone to computer for detection. If well connected, your iPhone model will display on the interface as below. On the right select a deleting option. Here we select ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE.

run iphone data eraser

Step 2: Select a security level

There are High, Medium, and Low three security levels. The higher level it is, the much time it costs, yet more secured. Click on each level to view more details. Select one according to your situation. Then click "Start" to erase.

Step 3: Erase all contents and settings on iPhone

The interface should be like the one below. During the deletion process, do not disconnect your iPhone to computer. Or else the deletion will fail.

start erase all iPhone data

It might take quite a while due to the data stored on your iPhone. So, leave it going, and come back soon. When it’s done, your iPhone should be new and fresh. Lay aside your concerns of personal info on that iPhone now. iPhone Data Eraser is also compatible with most iPad and iPod models, download it now and have a clean deletion on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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